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Lovag u. 3., 1066 Budapest, Hungary
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From Tuesday to Sunday between 17:00-24:00 (Mondays closed)
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The Zsákbamacska Restaurant is a family- run restaurant, in downtown Pest, where you can enjoy traditional Hungarian cuisine.
Guests are welcomed with typical Hungarian dishes (some of which are made housewife-style), good wines and brandies as well as homely, warm atmosphere.
Every Saturday night music program entertains our guests: Gypsy musicians and folk dancers conjure fantastic atmosphere on the floor (note: reservation is recommended these evenings!).
Be our guest and feel at home!
You can view a short summary of the musical evenings clicking on the image below:



Cold samples from home-smoked delicacies (sausage, vension salami, duck breast, fried bacon) served on potato salad and with fresh greens   1.950,- HUF
Pancake filled with stewed chicken, topped with paprika mushroom sauce and sour-cream   1.950,- HUF
Home-made goose-liver paste with sweet red onion paste, fruit garnish and toast   2.350,- HUF
Tiger shrimps roasted on garlic flavoured olive-oil served on home-made French bread   2.350,- HUF


Daily cream soup   850,- HUF
Beef soup with vegetables and pastry   1.250,- HUF
Potato soup with tarragon, served in a crispy loaf of bread with home-made sausage   1.250,- HUF
Goulash soup in bowl with pasta   1.250,- HUF
Fish soup with filet of carp   1.250,- HUF


Home-made cabbage salad with grated carrots   650,- HUF
Cucumbersalad upon request topped with sour cream   650,- HUF
Beet-salad with horseradish   650,- HUF
Mixed fresh vegetable salad with chive dressing   950,- HUF


Pullet breast filled with spinach feta cheese with garlic flavoured spaghetti   3.350,- HUF
Chicken breast roasted with green spices and served on mixed salad with a piquant dip   3.350,- HUF
Chicken paprika with egg dumplings   3.350,- HUF
Crispy duck with sour cherry sauce and croquette or with stewed red cabbage and potato made with onion   3.350,- HUF


Stuffed cabbage with sour cream and roast bacon   3.350,- HUF
Grillezett sertésflekken lecsóval, pirított hagymás burgonyával   3.350,- HUF
Pork loin stuffed with smoked sausage, bacon and onion, fried with 'lecso' and served with grilled potato   3.350,- HUF
Veal cutlet fried in butter served with parsley topped potato   3.350,- HUF
Lamb stew with dill-ewe’s cheese dumplings and with white wine steamed sour cabbage   3.350,- HUF
Lamb leg stuffed with forrest mushroom in silky sauce, bacon polenta and stirfried vegetables   3.550,- HUF
Fried sirloin beef with stewed vegetables and mashed potato   3.850,- HUF
Spicy wild ragout with forrest mushroom and home-made potato dumplings   3.850,- HUF
Spicy Hungarian tenderloin ragout   4.450,- HUF
Roast beefsteak stuffed with goat’s cheese and rolled up with bacon, served with grilled vegetables and grill sauce   4.690,- HUF
'Zsákbamacska' spit flambé for 2 persons tenderloin beef, pork tenderloin, turkey medallion, chicken breast, bacon, mushroom and onion on spit served with grilled vegetables and garlic flavoured gravy   9.000,- HUF


Roast carp fillet served with stewed mushroom and pasta   3.350,- HUF
Trout steamed in foil with salad and grilled potato   3.350,- HUF
Roasted pike-perch served with dill crab ragout and buttered vegetables   3.350,- HUF
Salmon fillet roasted with skin, served with spinach and mushroom ragout and fresh potato puree   3.350,- HUF


Vegetable pies with roast zucchini and blue cheese sauce   3.150,- HUF
Smoked curd steak grilled in green spice coat with fresh mixed salad   3.150,- HUF
Fried camembert cheese filled with apple and walnut, served with rice and cranberry jam   3.150,- HUF


Somló dessert (traditional Hungarian dessert with sponge cake and sweet pudding)   1.150,- HUF
'Crème Brule' with seasonal fruits   1.150,- HUF
Pancake filled with nut-cream, with chocolate sauce, flambé with orange liqueur   1.150,- HUF
Mixed Cheese Plate   2.150,- HUF


Tóth Ferenc Egri Csillag 2012 (0,75 l)   3.200,- HUF   470,- HUF
Tóth Ferenc Egri Édes Lányom késői szüret 2011 (0,75 l)   3.100,- HUF   440,- HUF
Bárdos Mátrai Irsai Olivér 2013 (0,75 l)   3.200,- HUF   470,- HUF
Demeter Egri Hanga 2012 (0,75 l)   3.900,- HUF   550,- HUF
Figula Balatonszőlősi Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (0,75 l)   4.500,- HUF   620,- HUF
Bárdos Mátrai Szürkebarát (Pinot Grigio) 2012 (0,75 l)   3.200,- HUF   470,- HUF
Figula Balatonszőlősi Olaszrizling 2013 (0,75 l)   3.400,- HUF   490,- HUF
Eurobor Bátaapáti "Tűzkő Birtok" Chardonnay bq. 2011 (0,75 l)   3.400,- HUF   490,- HUF


Tóth Ferenc Kékfrankos Rosé 2013 (0,75 l)   3.400,- HUF   490,- HUF
Bujdosó Balatonboglári Mentőöv (Rosé) 2013 (0,75 l)   3.100,- HUF   440,- HUF
Juhász Rosé 2013 (0,75 l)   3.100,- HUF   440,- HUF


Tóth Ferenc Egri Bikavér 2011 (0,75 l)   4.300,- HUF   590,- HUF
Tóth Ferenc Egri Pinot Noir válogatás 2009 (0,75 l)   6.200,- HUF   830,- HUF
Tóth Ferenc Egri Várvédő 2009 (0,75 l)   6.800,- HUF   920,- HUF
Bock Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (0,75 l)   7.500,- HUF   1.050,- HUF
Takler Cabernet Franc 2011 (0,75 l)   4.800,- HUF   670,- HUF
Jekl Villányi Portugieser 2013 (0,75 l)   3.500,- HUF   490,- HUF
HILLTOP Szekszárdi Merlot (0,75 l)   3.500,- HUF   490,- HUF
Vesztergombi Szekszárdi Kékfrankos 2009 (0,75 l)   3.600,- HUF   510,- HUF
Vylyan Villányi Ördög 2011 (0,75 l)   4.500,- HUF   630,- HUF
Thummerer Egri Tréfli 2009 (0,75 l)   4.800,- HUF   670,- HUF


Tokajicum borház száraz szamorodni   4.100,- HUF   860,- HUF
Tokajicum borház édes szamorodni   5.200,- HUF   1.190,- HUF
Tokajicum borház 3 puttonyos aszú   4.900,- HUF   990,- HUF
Tokajicum borház 6 puttonyos aszú   11.400,- HUF   2.300,- HUF



Coca Cola   320,- HUF
Coca Cola Light   320,- HUF
Fanta narancs / citrom (Orange / Lemon )   320,- HUF
Kinley Gyömbér (Ginger)   320,- HUF
Kinley Tonik (Tonic)   320,- HUF
Ananász (pineapple / Ananas)   160,- HUF
Feketeribizli (black currant)   160,- HUF
Eper (strawberry)   160,- HUF
Meggy (cherry)   160,- HUF


Alma (apple / Apfel)   160,- HUF
Őszibarack (peach / Pfirsich)   160,- HUF
Narancs (orange / Orange)   160,- HUF
Paradicsom (tomato / Tomate)   160,- HUF


Theodora (0,33 l)   320,- HUF
Evian   600,- HUF
Perrier   700,- HUF


Dreher Classic, Bak (Porter / Braunbier, 0,3 l)   350,- HUF
Dreher Classic, Bak (Porter / Braunbier, 0,5 l)   550,- HUF
Dreher alkoholmentes (non-alcoholic / alkoholfrei, 0,5 l)   500,- HUF
Edelweiss búzasör (weathbeer / Weissbier, 0,5 l)   850,- HUF


Unicum (4 cl)   550,- HUF
Jägermeister (4 cl)   750,- HUF
Martini (8 cl)   550,- HUF
Campari (8 cl)   800,- HUF
Vilmoskörte (William's pearbrandy / Vilmosbirne Schnaps, 4 cl)   600,- HUF
Kosher Szilva (Kosher Plumbrandy / Pflaumenschnaps, 4 cl)   800,- HUF
Fütyölős Barack (Apricotbrandy / Aprikosenschnaps, 4 cl)   750,- HUF
Ouzo (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Calvados (4 cl)   1.100,- HUF
Stolichnaya (4 cl)   550,- HUF
Smirnoff Red (4 cl)   600,- HUF
Absolut Blue (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Finlandia (4 cl)   600,- HUF
Beefeater (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Gordon's (4 cl)   800,- HUF
Teq. Sierra Silver (4 cl)   750,- HUF
Teq. Sierra Gold (4 cl)   850,- HUF
Bacardi (4 cl)   750,- HUF
Captain Morgen Black (4 cl)   950,- HUF
Napoleon (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Metaxa 5* (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Martell VS (4 cl)   1.300,- HUF
Remy Martin VSOP (4 cl)   1.400,- HUF
Hennessy VSOP (4 cl)   1.800,- HUF
Otard VSOP (4 cl)   2.500,- HUF
Bailey's (4 cl)   750,- HUF
Amaretto (4 cl)   950,- HUF
Advocat (4 cl)   800,- HUF
Malibu (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Cointreau (4 cl)   1.050,- HUF
Ballantines (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Johnnie Walker Red (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Johnnie Walker Black (4 cl)   1.350,- HUF
Chivas Regal (4 cl)   950,- HUF
Chivas Regal (18 éves / years old / Jahre alt, 4 cl)   3.000,- HUF
Jim Beam (4 cl)   650,- HUF
Four Roses (4 cl)   800,- HUF
Jack Daniel's (4 cl)   900,- HUF
Jameson (4 cl)   750,- HUF
Laphroaig (10 éves / years old / Jahre alt, 4 cl)   2.200,- HUF
Glendronach (15 éves / years old / Jahre alt, 4 cl)   2.200,- HUF


Törley Gála Sec   2.300,- HUF
Törley Charmant Doux   2.300,- HUF
Hungária Extra Dry   3.500,- HUF
Hungária Rosé   3.500,- HUF
Törley édes (sweet / Süß, 0,2 l)   700,- HUF
Walton száraz (dry / trocken, 0,2 l)   700,- HUF
Hungaria Extra Dry (0,2 l)   900,- HUF


Teák (Tee variations / Teesorten)   300,- HUF


Espresso   280,- HUF
Cappucino   350,- HUF
Melange   350,- HUF
Macchiato   300,- HUF
Caffé Latte   380,- HUF
Jegeskávé   450,- HUF
Ír kávé   1.200,- HUF

. Every Saturday night Gypsy musicians and folk dancers welcome our guests arriving individually or in groups: in addition to Hungarian music classics folk dances are introduced to our guests. The program can be ordered with a la carte meal for our individual guests or with complete Hungarian menu in case of groups.
The program with a three-course menu (meals and drinks included) is available at EUR 17-29/person depending on the chosen menu or the number of the participants. Coaches can park 200 meters away from our restaurant, in front of Hotel Star Inn. We are pleased to organize the program to other evenings for groups over 20 people – please, contact us for further details.
Important: Reservations are absolutely necessary for these evenings!
You can view a short summary of the musical evenings clicking on the image below: